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Secure Storage for Document & Archives in El Cajon

Storage Unit

If you have an office, chances are good that you have plenty of documents on file that should be retained. However, you might not have enough space to store everything, or you may be sharing a space with other businesses that reside in the same building. For this reason, you should definitely consider the benefits of secure document storage with The Attic Self Storage in El Cajon. There are numerous benefits related to self storage, including peace of mind that your important papers are in a safe, protected environment. In the event that you need one of those documents, you can easily come down to retrieve it.

Amount of Time You Should Hang On to Certain Papers

Although it might be tempting to just hold on to everything forever, there are certain documents you can throw away after a given amount of time to help clear some space. After about a year, you can toss investment statements, insurance policies, receipts, pay stubs, bank records and credit card bills. Other documents you should get rid of after an allotted amount of time include savings bonds, vehicle records, confirmations for investment purchases and loan documents. You should never throw away life insurance policies, a safe-deposit-box inventory, defined-benefit plan documents, various legal papers and documents related to estate planning.

Serving Residents & Businesses in the Jamul & La Mesa Areas

Whether you are getting a storage unit for business or personal use, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. The Attic Self Storage has been providing moving services and business storage to people all over El Cajon, Jamul and La Mesa, and we can do the same for you! You just need to call us at 619-447-2449 to get started.

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