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How to Pack Your Storage Unit


Not all storage needs are identical. Sometimes, you need to store items for the long haul. But other times, it can be just seasonal storage or a layover while moving homes.

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3 Ways Self-Storage Can Help Downsize | The Attic Self-Storage


Are you thinking about downsizing to a smaller home? Doing so can be the right call for many reasons ranging from reducing stress to saving money and freeing up time. But downsizing is a big life change that can seem overwhelming. If you need help making the decision and executing it, there could be an easy way to overcome your difficulties. You could engage in self-storage. How can self-storage help you through the downsizing process? Here are three ways.

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4 Steps to Keep Your Items Organized When Moving Your Home Into Storage


If you have to temporarily downsize into a smaller space and move a lot of your belongings into storage, then you want to make sure that you know where your belongings are at. An organizational system will make it easier for you to access items when you need them, and it will make it easier for you to move into your new space when it is ready.

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